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Youth Brass Band Orchestra Zlin Association (YBBOZA = SDOM Zlin)

Youth Orchestra Brass Band Orchestra was found in 1946 in the city of Zlin, under the Sokol sports organization, by its long-time conductor and artistic director Mr. Karel Travnicek. Despite the difficult beginnings, the orchestra had some high-level achievements over many years and it occupied first places in its category during national competitions. The young brass music naturally follows and continues as the Youth Brass Band Orchestra Zlin Association (Zlin SDOM), since in 1997. Basis orchestra is made out of young musicians, whom are internally trained and educated, starting at the age of 9 and are mainly from the city of Zlin and its vicinity. Since its inception (in 1946) till present the wind orchestra has raised more than 2,000 young musicians, many of which had become outstanding musical professional or they are involved in educating of upcoming generations of young music followers.

The current conductor and artistic director of the orchestra became Mr. Libor Mikl, with his colleague Petr Cernoch. Integral parts of the orchestra are 3 groups of majorettes and twirlers aged 5 to 25 years and a dance group led by Alena Krcmarova and Ivona Bahulova.


Address: Sdružení dechového orchestru mladých Zlín, Gahurova 1, 760 01 Zlín, CZ

E-mail: sdom.zlin§


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